Who We Are

The Secret Weapon of Game Development

Game Industry Veterans

Founded in 1997, Hypnos Entertainment is a highly experienced game development company that has worked with the industry’s top publishers.

Our work is found in dozens of AAA titles for the PS5, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Wii, PS2, Xbox, NGC, VR and mobile platforms that are played by hundreds of millions of gamers.

Comfortable in both traditional waterfall and agile development practices, we have extensive experience with every aspect of video game engineering

Coverage In Depth

We have hands-on expertise with:

Proprietary game engines, Unity, and Unreal Engine development (architecture · modifications · improvements · and debugging) 3D rendering · animation · VFX · audio · physics · streaming · low level optimizations · AI · content creation tools · build pipeline automation.

Server scalability issues · improvement of multi-processor concurrency · traffic monitoring and analysis · Database modeling & visualization

Leadership in the Trenches

We provide our clients with senior engineers that have a wealth of experience developing projects from scratch, adding new features and capabilities to existing projects, refactoring and optimizing challenging systems, and building upon proprietary and industry standard engines.

We help our clients ship quality titles on-time and on-budget by creating cost effective and performance optimized solutions while taking advantage of our experience with compliance testing and mastering processes.

Our Portfolio

We've helped our clients create over 30 AAA titles while developing some of the coolest tech in the industry:

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